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   Presidents Blog - June 2019

Recently Glenda and I spent some time in the Philippines where we managed to paddle the TRAK 2 kayak on an exhilarating eight-day trip around some of the Palawan Islands. But more importantly, prior to the trip, we met Jude Sanchez, a long-time member of KASK who not only met us at Manilla Airport upon arrival but took the day off to show us parts of Manilla.

Jude had previously assisted Conrad Edwards and Alison Turner with their Palawan Tour in 2014. He took us to Lake Tagatay, a favourite spot of the Pinoy Kayakers. And if that wasn’t enough, he arranged for us to meet with a fellow paddler and kayak builder Eli Napolitano.
TRAK Kayak Tour of the Palawan Islands
Photo Courtesy of Denise Ouellette

New Zealand Sea Kayaker Magazine

I am sure that everyone will agree that edition 200 was truly unique and something special and I look forward to Paul’s next edition 201 when you will get a chance to read some of his unpublished pieces for the first time. On that note, it was great to see that Paul was honoured by an exhibition at Greymouth’s Left Bank Gallery, with Paul Caffyn’s photos, artwork, memorabilia, paddles and kayaks on show. See -

As you already know Jacquie James will be taking over as editor of the magazine from edition 202 in September. As editor it is her challenge to create and develop a magazine that you will enjoy. As readers, fellow paddlers and members of KASK, I ask you all to become keyboard warriors and or photographers and submit material that will make her introduction easier.
As you know as the magazine will only be as good as it’s contents, so please get involved and engaged.
The main reason for our visit to the Philippines was to paddle around some of the Palawan Islands in the new TRAK 2 kayak and experience the amazing generosity and hospitality of the Philippino people.
I will say no more about the trip or the TRAK 2 as   both will be written about in the September edition of   the New Zealand Sea Kayaker Magazine.
Suffice to say that the trip was led by Jaime Sharp, it was extremely warm, thoroughly enjoyable, some  stunning scenery and well worthwhile!                                                                   

Kayak Fest 2020 - NOW FULL

We now have less than a handful of places left until maximum capacity is reached. So as to avoid any disappointment, my advice is to secure your spot sooner rather later. Once the registration is achieved a ‘waiting list’ will be initiated.
To answer any of your queries please read the FAQs – see and if you still needing assistance, please contact the team at

International Kayak Week (IKW) 2020
IKW in 2020 will be a basecamp on Urupukapuka Island in Bay of Islands, North Island, NZ - following the KASK Festival. The plan is to take advantage of the awesome paddling opportunities found around the island. The ideal location of Urupukapuka Island offers easy access for paddling, from protected island hopping to paradisiacal beaches, to rock garden and ocean whitewater play spots, to exploring the many sea caves. Breathtaking Cape Brett and ‘Hole in the Rock’ are only ~6nmi paddle away!
To answer any of your queries please read -
If you still need assistance, please contact Lance Smith and Deb Volturno  at

Kayak Fest 2021
Looks like it will stay in the North Island unless…
As I have mentioned previously, it would be right and fitting to see the Fest go to somewhere special in the South Island, but sadly no one has come forward and a decision as to the location of the 2021 event needs to be made soon so as to allow sufficient time for the organising team to get the ball rolling.
So if you or any of your paddling friends know of a unique location on either the North or South Island and are keen to give back to the paddling community and organise this special event, please contact me at so that we can start the discussion and get the ball rolling.

KASK Affiliation Membership for Associations, Networks and Clubs
The aim is to provide KASK with the opportunity to reach a larger number of paddlers.
Increased membership will provide KASK with a greater voice at national forums and increased credibility with local bodies, regional councils and other regulatory bodies.
With Hawkes Bay Canoe Club (HBCC) already an ‘affiliated club’, I am pleased to announce that the following have also taken up the offer of Club Affiliation Membership:
·        Bay Association of Sea Kayakers (BASK)
·        Nelson Canoe Club (NCC)
·        Otago Canoe and Kayak Club (OCKC)

Individual paddlers who wish to continue to receive their own magazine and have full access to all facets of the KASK App may remain as Individual Members.
Committee Update
In the past month members of the Committee have made a submission on the ‘Walking Access Act 2008 to MPI and have also submitted two funding applications to Maritime New Zealand to be able to promote ‘safe kayaking’ through a series of regional events and for us to be able to further develop the KASK App so as to extend the functionality and ease of use.

Winter Paddling
I really enjoy paddling in the winter, as I generally find that conditions are more settled and even though I dislike the cold, there is something special about the crisp calmness of an early morning paddle or surf.

Help us grow KASK

If you have paddling friends who would like to join KASK as a member, please forward this link below to join online:

Enjoy Winter and Paddle Safely

Shaun Maclaren
Kiwi Association of Sea Kayakers
(021) 2867412

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